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Alphabetical Staff Listing

OCBDD Main Numbers: 1-866-755-4440, (419) 898-0400, (419) 734-6650

Office: Name: Phone: Email Address:
REC Coordinator Carrie Collins 567-262-3113 CAllred@ocbdd.org
Executive Secretary/Family Support Specialist Bobbi Beck 567-262-3100 BBeck@ocbdd.org
Service and Support Administrator Reba Bishoff 567-262-3123 RBishoff@ocbdd.org
Service and Support Administrator Amy Boling 567-262-3120 ABoling@ocbdd.org
Service and Support Administrator Jill Bothe 567-262-3121 JBothe@ocbdd.org
Service and Support Administrative Assistant Amy Cantu 567-262-3122 ACantu@ocbdd.org
Director of Service & Supports James Crist 567-262-3105 JCrist@ocbdd.org
Service and Support Administrator Erica Crum 567-262-3110 ECrum@ocbdd.org
Compliance Coordinator Julie Cupp 567-262-3124 JCupp@ocbdd.org
Service and Support Administrative Assistant Brenda Fastinger 567-262-3125 BFastinger@ocbdd.org
Service and Support Administrator Donald Janes 567-262-3126 DJanes@ocbdd.org
Data Systems Coordinator Kelly Lewis 567-262-3101 KLewis@ocbdd.org
Early Intervention Specialist Susan Freeh 567-262-3136 SFreeh@ocbdd.org
EI Service Coordinator Cleah McKee 567-262-3137 CMckee@ocbdd.org
Client Benefits Coordinator Michelle Merrill 567-262-3138 MMerrill@ocbdd.org
Service and Support Administrator Susan Minier 567-262-3127 SMinier@ocbdd.org
Business Administrator LuAnn Monak 567-262-3107 LMonak@ocbdd.org
Medicaid Services Manager Dawn Raypole 567-262-3109 DRaypole@ocbdd.org
Service and Support Administrator Jennifer Reynolds 567-262-3128 JReynolds@ocbdd.org
Service and Support Administrator Sandra Riojas 567-262-3129 SRiojas@ocbdd.org
Early Intervention Specialist Meagan Rohde 567-262-3139 MRohde@ocbdd.org
Service and Support Administrative Assistant Geraldine (Gerry) Schultz 567-262-3131 GSchultz@ocbdd.org
Office Manager Dawn Segaard 567-262-3112 DSegaard@ocbdd.org
R.E.C. Specialist Julia Sims 567-262-3132 JSims@ocbdd.org
Superintendent Melinda Slusser 567-262-3104 MSlusser@ocbdd.org
EI Service Coordinator Diane Smith 567-262-3140 DSmith@ocbdd.org
Director of Business and Operations Kim Strong-Todd 567-262-3114 KStrong-Todd@ocbdd.org
EI Coordinator Margaret Osborne 567-262-3142 MOsborne@ocbdd.org
Medical Coordinator Louise Terry 567-262-3115 LTerry@ocbdd.org
Administrative Coordinator Renae Whiting 567-262-3117 RWhiting@ocbdd.org



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