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Fix The List--Ohio's broken DD waiver waiting list confuses families, misleads advocates, and makes it harder to get
resources to the people who need them most. That's why
people with developmental disabilities, parents, families, advocates, county boards of DD, providers, and the State
of Ohio have come together to Fix The List.
  ProviderGuidePlus--A new, online resource for rating providers of services for people with developmental disabilities in Ohio.
This easy-to-use tool allows you to rate your provider and learn how other providers have been rated. It can help you select a provider and help improve services for people with developmental disabilities.
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The Ottawa County Board of Developmental Disabilities operates a county agency providing direct or contracted services on a daily basis. The Board provides educational, employment and support services to children and adults of all ages, who have developmental disabilities.

Services are provided in early childhood programs, schools, sheltered workshop, private day habilitation agencies and in a variety of other settings where support is needed. Similar to public schools, most services are provided at no cost and are supported by local, state and federal funds. Services are provided to residents of Ottawa County who meet the eligibility requirements. Our goal is to provide services that enable individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live full lives and contribute back to the communities in which they live.

The Board is comprised of seven members who are appointed by the Ottawa County Commissioners or the Probate Judge. The law requires that at least three of the Board members are family members of individuals who either receive, or are eligible to receive, services from the Board. All Board members serve on a voluntary basis with no compensation for their services.


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